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IMG_0364-5Welcome to Mexi-Can!

We are Mexi-Cans, Not Mexi-Can’ts

Mexi-CAN! An online publication with everything about us.

We are online publication with everything about us. Mexi-CAN was born from the frustration of seeing the negative media images of our gente and having the “Si se puede!” attitude to frame and develop our own narrative. En Mexi-CAN se habla español, and we also speak English. Because we can. Y porque el Mexicano es muchas cosas! We’re complex people from many backgrounds: the Indigenous, the European, the African and we’re changing every day.

Bienvenida Raza!

Welcome to Mexi-CAN! Several months ago, we launched Mexi-Can.org online, only to have a server problem wipe out our whole site!

Like the pheonix from the ashes, Mexi-Can.org is re-launching with a new design and renewed purpose. Esto es lo nuestro!

In Mexi-CAN you will find the stories about US that have been missing from the news and our lives. This is a virtual centro, a meeting room for our ideas, celebrations, news, entertainment, stories, food, history, culture, worship, and whatever else we can dream up. So please, por favor, y gracias – – contribute to Mexi-CAN. You can send us your story by uploading it right here on Mexi-Can.org!

Queremos saber todo! We want to hear about your events, stories in the community, people in our community that should be in the news. Keep your articles under 1,000 words and tell us all about it. Share your story of success, sorrow, promotion, celebration or memories. Tell us your  Llorona story, everyone has a Llorona story in their family, right? Maybe you have a recipe to share, a legend to tell, or family history to relate. This is the place to do it. Do you do ink art, on people or on paper? Show us and let us show the community! Do you have a special skill, a hoby, a craft you want to share? Usa la imaginacion! Aqui todo se puede. Becuase we are Mexi-CAN, not Mexi-Can’t, a poco no? You can even tell us funny chistes, good leyendas or tall tales, or you can call and record your own interviews with people you want to see featured in Mexi-CAN.

This is not news for the few, it’s news for toda la Raza! That means that if you think a story should appear in Mexi-CAN, but you can’t do it you can give us the idea and we’ll try to pair up your idea with a good writer. Quieres aprender como? Ask us how. We can help you become a community journalist for Mexi-CAN, a videographer, columnist, an interviewer/podcaster, editor, y mas. Mandanos tus datos, just email or call and we’ll hook it up!

The adventure begins! Somos chingones, so this is going to be lots of fun. Just remember, keep it coming, keep it real, and keep it Mexi-CAN!

Saludos y abrazos from Mexi-CAN community and staff! Y VIVA independent media!